Step-By-Step Guide to Setting up a School Social Work Calendar

Office desk with stacks of paper and folders

Creating social work lesson plans for a whole school year can feel overwhelming! We break it down here into 6 manageable steps for creating a school social work calendar to create less stress and start the year off organized! I. Map Out Weekly Schedule The very first step is to set up a calendar. You’ll…

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Best Tips for Becoming a LCSW (in Colorado)

Infographic of various licensure types for school social workers.

The process of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Colorado can be confusing and long.  In this post, we will untangle the process of social work licensure and help determine which pathway might be best for a school social worker. Types of Social Work Licensures There are a few different licenses school social…

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How to Develop School Social Work Lesson Plans

3 faces drawn on chalkboard- happy, middle and sad with a checkmark next to happy.

This post outlines how to determine school social work lesson plans for the school year. This post discusses some of the most important considerations including: the role of the social worker, mental health supports, age/ grade level, mandatory lessons and calendar considerations. As a new school social worker, developing an intentional plan for groups or…

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Information Sheets for Students with Difficult Behaviors

Social workers are often tasked with supporting students who exhibit unsafe or disruptive behaviors in school. An informational “quick facts” sheet serves as a helpful tool for not just social workers, but staff throughout the school to help support students in crisis. Key Elements for an Information Sheet While you may have a lot of…

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